The people of Smith’s?

Everyone is all the rage of the website of the People of Walmart. The assumption that Walmart has a monopoly on, let just say, people a few degrees to the left or right of center is so Not true. During a recent visit to a Smith’s Food and Drug I noted:

1) A lady carrying a young child. My age guess is the ball park of one year. The baby had a pacifier in his mouth – and a mohawk hair cut. Now at that age, I am certain that HE did not ask for it, so this is clearly parents passing on their style to the child.  The mom was dressed conservatively, so her fashion experiment appears to be directed solely at her child. Yes, that is a parent’s right, but somehow Mohawks and Pampers just seem a little not intermixable.   IMO.

2) The guy in the check out in front of me made a BIG issue out of his meats being in separate grocery bags. The meats where already wrapped by the meat department, then he had placed them in the little plastic bags available near the meat and veggie areas, and he has the clerk put them in separate store bags, so they are now thrice bagged separately. With his very full cart which included perishable and frozen items including his triple bagged meats – he stops at the gaming section and starts feeding money into the slot machines. Now if you are really that worried about your meat, don’t think you should Go Home! IMO


10. June 2012 by John
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We can sit anywhere you want, as long as it is where I pick

I stopped in a neighborhood bar/restaurant for dinner. At one point a couple (man and woman) came in, and being regulars, they made the rounds and visited with other bar patrons to exchange their hellos.

Eventually, they were ready to take their the place at the polished wood structure, obtain their beverages and do some gambling on the bar top machines. The husband was standing along one of the long sections, while the wife stood near the short section of the U shaped bar. The husband asked, “Where do want to sit?” The wife responded, “Anywhere you want.”

The husband gestured toward a couple of bar stools next to where he was. The wife pointed to one near where she was and said, “This is where I am going to sit.” The husband, dutifully, walked over and took a seat beside her.

09. June 2012 by John
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Hands Free Conversation – NOT!

About two days after the new State Law went into effect that required no Hand-held Telephones while driving, I was stopped at a stop light and I looked over to my left. The gentleman in the pickup beside me was talking on the phone. He had an ear piece for the phone and so he was obeying the law. However, he was using both hands to gesture wildly as he was trying to make his point to whom ever he was talking.


Yes to hands free phone, no to hands free conversation.

09. June 2012 by John
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